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Gareth takes charge of major BBC trainee Scheme

18th October 2016

Gareth has become the manager of the BBC's Kick Off Reporter Scheme, putting his teaching and training background to good use.

The scheme is aimed at giving people from a diverse range of backgrounds and experience an opportunity to develop their reporting skills within the BBC.

Kick Off reporters are placed in the sports department of every BBC Local Radio station, where they gain 8 weeks of work experience. The scheme is very hands on, with reporters doing every element of a sports journalist job from attending press conferences, to reporting and producing.

Many Kick Off Reporters from previous years are now working full time in the BBC or elsewhere in the Media Industry.

Gareth began his involvement in Kick Off (then called BBC Blast) back in 2007 as a mentor to the annual BBC Radio Leeds trainee reporter. He then became involved in the training of the reporters in Bristol; before taking full leadership of the scheme this year.

"I really believe in the Kick-Off Reporter project. At one time in our lives we all needed to be given an opportunity to get into the career we wanted and someone to help us do that," said Gareth.

"This project does that and I'm proud to now manage it in order to help the next generation of journalists begin their careers - people that might not get the chance to get into the BBC otherwise.

"I've always enjoyed teaching and training people, so it is great to be doing more of that now, as this is an area of my career I want to pursue further.

"This is also a very important scheme for the BBC, as it brings in a diverse range of reporters, all with fresh, new ideas and stories. This is something the BBC always needs to be pushing for."



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